Stocking a product

Adding Stock in your product details


You will see a tab called "Sources" in your product details





This field is required in order to create stocking for your item. The sources which are selected for your product will be where your items are stocked in.
(e.g. Warehouse A source has 100 pcs of item X, Warehouse B source has 50 pcs of item X)


Start by pressing "Assign Sources" and select the source(s) your item is located in.


You will see a menu above with the fields:

Source Item Status Set to "In Stock" for the product.
If set to "Out of stock" the product will be "Sold out" and unable to be searched and checked out. If item already in cart, there will be an "Item out of stock" error shown to the buyer.
Qty The number of pieces of the item this source has. Whole, positive numbers only
Notify Qty This is the threshold in which the system will send you an notification email to say that the stock of this item is running low when the qty of the item falls under this number.
"Use Default" is at 1 qty




For configurable products (products with options e.g. Size - S,M,L or Color - Red, Blue, Green)
the stocking for each combination will be done separately, explained more in the "Configurable Products" FAQ



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