How to ship an order

To start shipping orders, select Sales > Orders on the sidebar.



Click on 'View' under the 'Action' column on the order you wish to process. 



Click on 'Ship' on the top right hand corner of the page.



Ensure the Source and Quantity of products are correct. Then, click 'Proceed to Shipment'. 



Scroll down to the “Shipping Information” and select 'Book Shipment and Get Label'.



A message will appear to notify you that a new Easyhip shipment has been booked.



You will also see that now the button for "Book Shipment and Get Label" has changed to the following



  • Download and Print Label: This will open a new tab with the PDF of the label that you can use to stick on the package.

  • Go to Pickup Management: This is a shortcut to "Sales > Easyship Booking Management". This will direct you to the next step.of booking with Easyship.

  • Cancel Shipment: This will cancel the shipment.


Here is an example label PDF that you can print out and attach to the shipment.





How to receive an order

How to book courier to pick up for delivery