How to select available couriers from Easyship

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 How to set which delivery partners/methods (3PLs) they want to make available


By default, when connected, the Vendor will have all these delivery methods available to any Buyer in Singapore:



They are able to limit the couriers that they want from the available list (e.g. for cost reasons / courier preference) 

This is done in the Easyship account, first, Login to the Easyship account dashboard


1. Go to "Settings" and look for "Shipping Rules"


2. Select "Add Shipping Rule"


3. Set "Condition" to "All Shipments (Always applies)"


4. Under "Actions" select "Exclude specified courier services"

Select the couriers you would like to exclude. Any other courier will be shown when they are able to deliver to the buyer's address​​





5. Press "Save"


6.Press "Create" at the bottom of the list to confirm this rule and you will be able to see it reflected on SISTIC Mall shortly.



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