How to book courier to pick up for delivery

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To start booking a pickup for the courier, select Sales > Easyship Booking Management on the sidebar.



A list of couriers with orders already set in the Easyship Account will be shown.

Select the courier you would like to organise the bookings for by selecting "View Pickup Details" on the right column.



The next screen will show you available orders for this courier that you can ship with and updated shipping information as it comes.


you can select multiple orders for the same courier, and book them all at once! In this example, the highlighted order here is ready to ship.

Simply select the checkbox on the left of each line item, and then choose 'Book Pickup' from the top right menu.



A pop window will appear with the available days and times (depending on couriers) that the orders can be picked up.

Simply select a timeslot and choose 'Confirm Pickup Date and Time'.



Your order is now ready to be picked up!



You will also notice that you have a Pickup Reference. This is generated and also stored in Easyship.

Now you will just have to wait until the couriers come to pick up the package.


Once the couriers have came to pick up the package(s), select the relevant orders by ticking the checkbox on the left and selecting 'Mark as Handed Over'.



An e-mail will be automatically sent to the buyer to notify them that their order has been picked up. 

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