How to receive an order

Upon receiving an order placed by a buyer, vendors will receive a new order email notification as below: 

[01 new order email]


In the email, details of the order such as Billing info, Shipping Info, Vendor, Items, Quantity, Price etc will be shown. 

[02 new order email details]


To view an order list, select Sales > Orders on the sidebar.

[03 sales - orders]


All order history will be listed on this page. Details such as Purchase Point, Purchase Date, Grand Total, Status etc will be shown. 

You may click on 'View' under the 'Action' column to manage an order. 

[04 order list]


To export the order list, click on 'Export' on the top right corner of the page. Choose an export file format, then click 'Export'. 

[05 export order list]

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